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Bonding with Excellence

Contract Surety Bonds are highly specialized line of business so Rust-Ewing Insurance created a department exclusively focused on your surety bonding needs.

Our staff has extensive surety company underwriting experience which allows us to provide better service and industry knowledge for our clients. Specifically, Rust-Ewing Insurance will not allow our surety company underwriters to bombard you with "check box" request for information in order to get your bonds approved. We provide the surety companies with specific "need to know" information which expedites the bond underwriting approval process and saves our clients valuable time and unnecessary paperwork.

Our primary objective is to provide all of our contractors with the largest bonding capacity available at standard Surety Associations of America bond rates and qualify them in a Surety Company Dividend Program. Rust-Ewing Insurance represents a wide variety of commercial and industrial construction clients throughout the southern region. We also work closely with a variety of construction and surety associations listed below to stay educated about issues that may impact your business. Overall, Rust-Ewing Insurance has built an excellent reputation with numerous surety companies around the country allowing us to provide timely and professional service to our bonding clients.


Industry Associations

Contract Bonds

We need to receive the following list of information in order for us to establish a surety bonding relationship for your organization:

  • Copy of last 3 fiscal year end CPA prepared financial statements on the company
  • Current interim statement (if fiscal statement is more than 6 months out of date)
  • Copy of last 3 fiscal year end company tax returns
  • Personal financial statement on all owners of the company
  • Contractor questionnaire
  • Resumes on key personnel
  • Business completion agreement
  • Contractor bank reference letter
  • Status of contracts in progress report
  • Copy of certificate of insurance
  • Completed bond request form

New Account (Bond Application Forms)

The surety underwriting process takes several days to properly evaluate your company's financial results and performance track record. Failure to provide us with any of the above requested information will only delay a final underwriting decision on your account

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