• Commercial Loans

    Commercial Loans

    • Receive cash up front for a variety of commercial needs.#
    • Enjoy flexible terms, as well as a competitive fixed or variable rate.#
    • Personalized service and Southeast Texas decision-making.#

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  • Equipment Loans

    Equipment Loans

    • Build your business by upgrading or purchasing equipment. #
    • Enjoy a competitive rate, flexible terms, and affordable payments.#
    • Our local lending experts will assist you every step of the way.#

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  • Commercial Real Estate Loans

    Commercial Real Estate Loans

    • Finance a new home for your business with Texas First Bank.#
    • Receive expert service from our commercial real estate team.#
    • Enjoy a competitive rate and a streamlined approval process.#

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  • SBA Loans

    SBA Loans

    • Funds for eligible small to mid-sized businesses throughout Texas.#
    • Finance land, construction, expansion, renovation, and more.#
    • Fully amortizing with up to 40% of the project at a fixed rate.#

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  • Business Visa Services

    Business Visa Services

    • Have spending flexibility with a credit card, gift card, or travel card.#
    • Low rates, free fraud protection, and accepted almost anywhere.#
    • Streamlines accounting, and can be used for expense accounts.#

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