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FRAUD ALERT: It has come to our attention that there is a phishing/vishing scam happening and YOU NEED TO BE ON THE LOOK OUT!

In this scam, an imposter calls you and pretends to be an officer of the bank, asking you to confirm a suspicious transaction. Once you confirm it's not valid, they ask you to "verify" your bank login ID, secure access code/password, and debit card information, which they use to transfer money. THIS IS NOT LEGITIMATE.

Know that we (or any other bank for that matter) will never call you to ask you for your password, the secure access code, or your full debit card number, and you shouldn't give it to anyone.

If someone calls or texts you, especially from an unknown or non-local number, and says they're from the bank, be cautious.

If you aren't sure if the request is legitimate, the best course of action is to hang up and call a number that you KNOW belongs to the bank because you've verified it by multiple means (i.e., Google search, printed documents handed to you in the bank, etc.).

As a general rule, always think twice about giving out ANY personal or financial information, and avoid it if possible.

Phishing Scam

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